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Who Are SME Owners Turning to For Advice?

Axis Telecoms is the independent telecoms an energy supplier that aims to bring the highest quality services to SMEs up and down the UK. As such, we know that a small business’ growth prospects often depend heavily on its owner.

They are the decision maker. If they have a bad day, the entire company could suffer. It is hardly surprising then, that SME decision makers would turn to other people for advice every once in a while, but a new survey has shown that they aren’t necessarily turning to the right people.

SME Owners are turning to somebody in Their Personal Life for Advice

The survey showed that whilst 57% have turned to a professional, 69% of SME owners have asked for business advice from somebody in their personal life. This is in spite of 60% saying they would like professional advice, and 36% saying they would seek such advice before going to anyone else.

Yet the survey also shows why small business heads aren’t flocking to business advice professionals in droves – it’s too expensive. The survey of 1,000 small business decision makers showed that 43% suggested that cost was the primary reason they don’t seek out business advice from a professional.

An Ideal Opportunity to Provide Funding for Expert Advice

This is exactly why the government has started the Growth Vouchers scheme; it provides SMEs with under 250 staff, with funds up to £2,000 to cover the cost of professional business advice.

According to, the scheme is already benefitting SMEs across the country. Marcus Whittington, managing director of Bath Boutique spoke out on how Growth vouchers have already benefitted his company:

“We have requirements within the business to develop the brand and enhance our sales process and marketing. Growth Vouchers is something that was presented to us and looked like an ideal opportunity to provide funding for expert advice.”

Friends and Family Should Not be Giving Business Advice

Small business owners shouldn’t seek professional advice from friends and family. If you want to ensure you receive the advice you need to grow your business, apply for Growth Vouchers today. They could provide you with the funds you need to secure expert business advice.