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What New Year’s Resolutions Will Benefit Your Business in 2015?

As 2014 ends and 2015 begins, you need to ensure you keep control of your small business’ bottom line, which is why this week Axis Telecoms asks; what New Year’s Resolutions will benefit your business in 2015?

Keeping Control of the Bottom Line

Because we are an energy and telecoms provider who are dedicated to delivering value for money, Axis Telecoms understands that with limited resources, SMEs need to keep control of their bottom lines.

That’s why the New Year is a special time for any small business. It’s a mind-set; a new year, a new beginning. Use the impetus spurred by that new start, and think now about what you can do to save vital capital in 2015. Saying that, where do you begin?

Five New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business in 2015

In Axis Telecoms’ opinion, there are several New Year’s resolutions that are sure to benefit your business in 2015…


  • Take the Time to Boost Your Online Presence: Consumers are in hibernation at this time of the year. They don’t want to spend money, which means you need to think more than ever to get them to open up their wallets once they’re willing to spend again. Now is the time to focus your attention on your online marketing strategy.


  • Set a Goal: With a new start on the horizon, now is time to give yourself something to work towards. That way, you won’t waste time, money and resources on initiatives that won’t prove effective in the long-term for the fortunes of your business.


  • Vow to Improve Your Customer Service: Hook in a customer now when they’re short on cash after the rush of the Christmas season, and you’ll have them all year. If you want to generate capital by drawing in more business, vow to improve your customer service this year. Customers like to feel cared for.


  • Commit to Trimming the Fat: Now is the time to take stock. Is there an employee who isn’t pulling their weight or a programme that’s draining your outgoings? Don’t let the wastage continue into 2015; commit to trimming the fat now to ensure larger profit margins as the year drives forward.


  • Initiate a Spending Drive: You have to spend money to make money, but you need to spend at the right time if you want to increase, rather than decrease your profit margins. With New Year’s sales everywhere you turn, now is the time to replace old office supplies, equipment etc. without breaking the bank.


Commit to Your Resolutions

Once you’ve put these resolutions in place, it’s important that you commit to seeing them through. Only through committing to your goals will you ensure that they prove positive for your small business, resulting in a brighter, more cost effective 2015.