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Survey Suggests Small Business Owners Need to Invest in Digital Training

This week, Axis Telecoms explains how a new survey from Virgin Media Business shows that small business owners need to invest in digital training.

Digital Technology is Vital in Modern Business

As an energy and telecoms provider for small businesses who listen to what our customers say, Axis Telecoms knows that in the modern world, SME’s need to invest in digital technology to stay competitive.

As a small business owner, if you don’t, then you can be sure that your rival will. The efficiency and effectiveness of digital technology will give them the edge they need to outperform you in the marketplace.

Why do One in Four SME Owners Believe they Will See No Growth over Next Six Months?

That is why it is so important that this week, reported that a new Virgin Media Business poll suggested that one quarter of the 1,000 SME owners polled believe that they won’t record any growth over the next half year.

This goes on to suggest that the economic recovery has not necessarily benefitted small companies, and the Virgin Media Business goes on to show why. Only one fifth (20%) of those companies asked stated that digital training will be a key area of investment for their firm over the next half decade.

Technology Can Only Propel a Business Forward if People Have the Skills to Use It.

Virgin Media Business’ Mike Smith explained to the online publication why the lack of digital training in UK SME’s is leading many of them to believe that they will not grow, despite the economic recovery.

Axis Telecom Virgin Mike Smith

Mike Smith of Virgin Media

Smith explained that “technology has an unrivalled power to help propel businesses forward but people need the skills to be able to use it. With simpler products, better skills and backing from the top, the UK’s businesses will grow faster and that can only be good for the whole economy.”

Without Digital Training, you Have No Room to grow your Business.

Therefore, if you are not investing in digital training, then you have no room to grow, which is why you are seeing no growth. This is why as a small business owner, you should invest in digital training – because without it, your employees won’t have the skill set they need to use emerging new technologies to boost your bottom line.