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Axis Telecom News: Most Flexible Small Business to Receive a £1,000 Prize

Upon hearing that an award has been launched to reward the UK’s most flexible small business with £1,000, Axis Telecoms takes the time to explain this week, why flexibility is good for your company’s bottom line.

Flexible Companies Attract the Best Talent

We have seen the value of flexibility for ourselves. Through finding the best energy and telecoms deals for our customers, Axis Telecoms uses flexibility to secure you with outstanding value for money.

Furthermore, the company that provides its employees with flexible working options, is the company that attracts the best, most loyal talent in its sector. Something Timewise and hope to emphasise, with the launch of this new prize.

Championing SME’s with Flexible Working Options

As reported by the latter, the two have joined forces to launch a £1,000 cash prize to champion SME’s that offer flexible working options to its staff roster. The winning firm will not only receive the money, but a three minute long video on their company, and how it works.

It’s relatively simple to enter. All you have to do is nominate your business and then fill out a short form. If you are a small business with a staff roster of between two and 249 staff members, many of whom work remotely or part time you are eligible. Enter, and gain a chance at winning a serious cash boost for your small business.

Debunking the Myth

Head of Regions at PwC, Stephanie Hyde, has spoken out on the need for the prize, saying; “Small business is the backbone of enterprise in the UK. This important initiative underlines the level of innovation occurring within the sector.

“Research shows that it is these businesses which are leading the UK’s economic recovery, and we’re pleased to be supporting Timewise in their work to champion them.”


This was a viewpoint Timewise co-founder Karen Mattison MBE concurred with, saying “There is an unfair and outdated perception that flexible working is ‘the enemy of small business’ – we want to debunk that myth.”

The Value of Flexibility

Hyde and Mattison make compelling arguments. Flexibility is valuable to any small business in the modern marketplace, as it attracts the best employees to their company. That is why if you want to help your business grow, you need to introduce flexible working options.

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