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Government Launches ‘Do More Online’ Campaign

Last week the government announced the launch of the ‘Do More Online Campaign,’ which Axis for Business has learned is specifically designed to help small businesses.

Reaching a Wider Customer Base

As an energy and telecoms supplier who deliver value for money for small businesses across the UK, Axis for Business has seen how the advent of online technologies has changed the way SMEs operate.

With the internet, small businesses can reach a wider customer base. Yet many still don’t have an online presence, depriving them of the vital capital they need to grow their operations and generate more profit. A new government initiative seeks to change this.

Do More Online

According to the official government site, Whitehall has launched a new strategy designed to help SMEs do more online; aptly called the ‘Do More Online’ campaign.

The initiative will funnel £2 million in funding into 22 projects – via Local Enterprise Projects – to give small businesses the tools they need to increase their digital presence. Projects include the facilitation of specific online resources for SMEs, as well as the development of a Manchester-based digital TV channel, designed to provide cost effective, easily accessible advice to small businesses on how to create and maintain their presence online.

Making the UK the Best Country in the World to Start a New Business

The government’s Minister of Business and Enterprise, Matthew Hancock, commented on the initiative: “Thousands of potential customers are searching online for local small businesses and without an online profile businesses will lose out.

“To make sure consumers get the best deal and small businesses spread their nets far and wide, the government is investing in a range of advice to help them do more online. I am committed to making the UK the best place in the world to start up and grow, and this is integral to achieving that.”

Check Out the Do More Online Scheme

Check out the scheme for yourself. You can use it to find the advice you need to develop your business’ presence online, through which you can widen your customer base and generate the profit you need to stay in the red.