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Bus Tour to Promote Small Business Saturday

Marketing efforts for Small Business Saturday have ramped up, Axis for Business has learned, as a nationwide bus tour has been launched to promote the event.

Axis for Business Supports Small Business Saturday

Through our role as a value for money energy and telecoms supplier to SMEs across the UK, Axis for Business has come to understand the struggle small business’ face every day. In the face of competition from bigger companies, it can be hard to SMEs to generate the interest (thus the capital) they need to survive.

This is why we fully support, Small Business Saturday, an event scheduled to take place 6th December; which strives to celebrate and raise awareness of UK small businesses. Now it seems, promoters are going further than ever to ensure it’s a success.

The Bus Tour to End All Bus Tours

According to, the event is launching a nationwide bus tour to promote Small Business Saturday. It follows similar promotional tactics last year, which saw such influential figures as David Cameron, Vince Cable, and Ed Milliband taking to the streets to raise awareness of the event.

This year’s bus tour will begin in Leeds on the 17th November. From there, it will go on to travel to 13 destinations, before ending in Camden on 4th December. Destinations the bus tour will visit, include Edinburgh, Manchester and Birmingham.

Instrumental in Drumming up Interest

Michelle Ovens, Small Business Saturday national campaign director, spoke out on both the event and the bus tour. Ovens said: “The first Small Business Saturday last year was an exceptional example of collaboration and co-operation with small businesses teaming up in communities around the UK.

“Our bus tour last year was a very visible way of bringing Small Business Saturday to centres around the UK and was instrumental in drumming up interest, support and enthusiasm.” She went on to allude to the fact that they expect this year’s bus tour to be even more successful, as it will visit more destinations.

Make Sure Your Small Business Gets Involved

Looking at the success of last year’s bus tour in drumming up support for the event, Axis for Business has no doubt it will do so again this year. Mae sure you find a way to get involved, to ensure it benefits the bottom lines of small businesses around the country; including yours.