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Axis Telecom: Small Business Bill Backed by SME’s

Considering its potential to provide greater access to funding, it comes as no surprise to Axis Telecoms that the Small Business Bill has been emphatically backed by SME’s.

You Can Expand Your SME with Access to Outside Funding

Ever since 2001, Axis Telecoms has acted as an independent energy and telecoms provider able to bring the highest quality of service to small companies across the UK, to help them save money. Therefore, we understand how important saving money is to SME’s.

The purpose of saving money is to have enough to hand to ensure your business has the capability to expand. Yet saving money isn’t the only way to access the funds to expand your business, sometimes you simply need access to outside funding.

What is the Small Business Bill?

Something which the Small Business Bill, first introduced into Parliament in June, aims to do. Since small businesses are vital to ensuring the stability of the economy, the government has introduced a bill designed to build out the availability and sources, of investment of SME’s so they have access to a greater range of finance.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise at all that SME’s are practically universally backing the Bill’s passage. Something cemented by the findings of a new poll of 100 UK SME’s by private equity firm Key Capital Partners. Specifically, the poll not only found that 95% “emphatically back the bill,’ but that 80% believe it will be effective in providing greater access to funding.

The Bill Has the SME Community’s Collective Support

According to Growth Business, Gear4music’s manager director, Andrew Wass, outlined the SME community’s position on the Bill quite elegantly. Wass said that: “The Small Business Bill has our collective (support), and hopefully we will see an increase in investment in the UK’s smaller businesses in the coming year.”

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SME’s have back the Small Business Bill

Meanwhile, partner at Key Capital Partners, Peter Armitage also explained that “our results show that the measures in the Small Business Bill are a step in the right direction. With the government now standing firmly behind SMEs, growth continues to be talking point for many businesses.”

The Small Business Bill will Benefit Your Small Business

It’s easy to see why SME’s would back the Small Business Bill. It provides greater access to the funding they need to expand their operations, and thus their bottom lines. That is why at Axis Telecoms, we thoroughly believe that the Small Business Bill will benefit your small business and a greater belief in the economy.