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Axis Telecom launches free broadband for life offer

Axis, telecoms and utilities provider, is launching a free business broadband for life offer today, to help SME businesses reduce their costly office overheads.

Axis for Business has been operating since 2001 building a company who supplies full utilities provision to SME’s and larger companies within the UK. The offer of free broadband for life could potentially help businesses reduce operating costs.

The offer is open to Axis for Business current and new customers.

The initial referral offer covers 12-month free broadband and referring more businesses to Axis could see you credited with £75.00 each time.

Axis for Business also invested in a unique customer referral program, Get Ambassador ( The program gives its customers the opportunity to become brand ambassadors and continue with the company’s growth strategy.

David Meyers, Managing Director of Axis says of the offer:

“Axis for Business has been providing value telecoms and utilities for business for many years. We appreciate funds can be tight for some during this tough economy climate; all businesses have to do is to refer new business to us, then they get to enjoy at least £252* savings a year on overheads.

“We are aiming to differentiate ourselves in the market and grow our market share by using our customer base to refer other businesses through referral marketing.”

Axis for Business is aiming to get their customers connected who might be switching from the main broadband providers. It is also predicted that businesses moving premises will be attracted to the offer hopefully avoiding the lengthy delays that occur with some providers where companies are often left waiting weeks for installation of broadband.

Start saving now with Axis for Business, visit for more information or call the customer service team at 0800 2 889 430.

*£252 is in comparison with BT phone line and broadband service.

Please Note: This deal is no longer available.